Café: outgress

In an interior that exudes the gentle warmth of wood, different tables and chairs are selected to create zones with different atmospheres.
The back of the restaurant has a camp table with large tents and lanterns that create an outdoor feeling.
After refreshing in a bath, savor the taste of delicious cuisine. Bivouac offers an authentic restaurant and café.

  • 111 types of delicious parfaits

    ALL 380 yen

  • Smoothies

    ALL 390 yen

  • Herb teas

    ALL 500 yen


Please note the following.

  • ●Intoxicated individuals and individuals with tattoos cannot enter or stay in the facilities.
  • ●Individuals with infectious disease cannot enter or stay in the facilities.
  • ●Menstruating women are not allowed in the baths.