About Ofuro Café Bivouac

OFURO café

About the Ofuro Café Group

Ofuro Café® is a concept-type bath facility brand produced by Onsendojo Ltd. that provides a leisurely café environment for long-term relaxation including baths, cuisine, and massages.
These bath facilities enable each guest to enjoy a leisurely stay by offering amenities including free electric massage chairs, coffee, and Wi-Fi access, as well as a wide lineup of comics and magazines.
This “Ofuro Café Lifestyle” is unlike anything seen before in the bath industry. The Ofuro Café Group has proposed this lifestyle to regional residents. Currently, the Group operates five facilities throughout Japan, including the Ofuro Café Bivouac®. Each facility has its own unique atmosphere.


OFURO café bivouac

About Ofuro Café Bivouac

Ofuro Café Bivouac adds the thrill of outdoor activities to the Ofuro Café Brand. In addition to baths that can be used 23 hours a day, Bivouac features a unique atmosphere including tents, fireplaces, and bouldering. Other than baths, guests can also enjoy our café and dining.

To “Spending Time”

  • Fun for all ages

    Fun for all ages

    Bivouac is a unique facility that is fun for all ages—baths which alleviate fatigue, a stylish restaurant serving delicious cuisine, and an atmosphere like a theme park.

  • Have fun being active

    Have fun being active

    From bouldering to BBQs and a Kid’s Park, Bivouac provides activities to entertain adults and children.

  • Producing an outdoor sensation

    Producing an outdoor sensation

    The worldview created by Bivouac focuses on incorporating symbols of activity into our interior—for example, tents, hammocks, and bouldering walls.

Please note the following.

  • ●Intoxicated individuals and individuals with tattoos cannot enter or stay in the facilities.
  • ●Individuals with infectious disease cannot enter or stay in the facilities.
  • ●Menstruating women are not allowed in the baths.