Spending Time

Spending time at Bivouac

We took a look at how our guests spend time at Ofuro Café Bivouac. Relaxing the whole day at Bivouac, stopping by after a daytrip…next time you come to Bivouac, why don’t you try spending this kind of time?

Ken Usuki

All that’s left is to go home and sleep!

Ken Usuki

Fan of Ofuro Café
Ken Usuki
Lives in Kumagaya
Owner of Kumagaya’s top bagel shop
17 years of experience in making bagels
Hobby: Making bagels
Hazuki Kawakami

Precious time together with our friends

Hazuki Kawakami

Fan of Ofuro Café
Hazuki Kawakami
Lives in Fukaya
Fukaya Flower Queen/Flutist
Member of the Flute Ensemble FAME, SADA-Maru

Bivouac Concept Movie Vol. 2

Ofuro Café Bivouac
Concept Movie Vol. 2
Released on November 1, 2017

Please note the following.

  • ●Intoxicated individuals and individuals with tattoos cannot enter or stay in the facilities.
  • ●Individuals with infectious disease cannot enter or stay in the facilities.
  • ●Menstruating women are not allowed in the baths.